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Take the next step to grow your business, with our UNRIVALLED, ONE-OF-A-KIND MARKETING STRATEGY

Take the next step to growing your business, with our all-in-one marketing solution from The Mustcard. Your individual digital advert will win new customers and drive sales, while increasing online and mobile presence to boost your brand awareness. You can keep looking forward while we have your back



Increase the number of new bookings and start to see new faces in your business with our fast growing database of customers who are hungry for new experiences. Increased traffic will lead to an increase in profit and don’t  forget people spend more with great businesses and recommend their favourite spots to friends.


Customer loyalty is imperative if you want your business to succeed. The average customer’s loyalty is the product of both emotion and logic; create a bond between your customers and your brand, and make them feel like their loyalty is worth it. On the logical side, offering a discount will persuade customers to keep returning to your store.


We are dedicated to developing a brand with an active social media  and advertising presence. We have a clear marketing strategy accelerating the growth of potential clients that we can engage with your business and events . Small business owners can struggle to find the time, we give you that time to concentrate on doing what you do best.


Whoever said ‘the best things in  life are free’  obviously knew about The Mustard. If you are looking for a reason to partner with us then this is it.. Your business can appear in our directory, blog, newsletter and social media account for nothing. Yes, its is  absolutely FREE of charge to you! At no point in our relationship will we ever charge you for you listing.


We are forming a little community and we would love you to join us on on our journey. Encouraging people to  spending your money locally can help boost the local economy, and keep our neighbourhood beautiful and thriving. Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p stayed in the local economy.


The Mustcard takes its partners very seriously and only teams up with other like-minded brands who they can whole hardheartedly recommend to its members.  Over time people notice that The Mustcard and its partners are all unique, innovative and luxury brands that they can trust. We take our time in researching our local area so our members don,t have to.

you or the multinational?

Nowadays, it is possible for consumers to find a competitive price online with a multi-chain corporation. Be competitive by offering your own reward and stand out from the crowd. People want to stay loyal to local businesses but if the price difference is too high then they will make the move. Give your local customers a reason to want to stay loyal…  a discounts is always attractive and can make customers buy more even when sometimes they do not intend to make a purchase.Remember, discounts actually have psychological effects on your buyers.

Some businesses think that discounts decrease profits but that’s simply not the case. Providing discounts can increase sales and more sales mean more revenue and increased profits.


retention marketing

grow your business by selling more to current customers




All that we ask is that you offer Mustcard members a unique discount that they can use when they purchase from your business.

Customise your Mustcard offer to suit your business. We spend time creating a unique business page for your company, complete your own individual images, commentary and our review. You will also have the opportunity to feature your events in our local events page and have the possibility of appearing in our popular weekly blog. This is where keen locals source out new local hidden gems to visit from our ‘Little Black Book’, find this months ‘Most Wanted’ items or services and discover all the things that Bea and me are ‘mad about’ on our never ending exploration into every nook and cranny of our local countryside.

You can exclude your busiest days,  your best selling items or your most popular service or member of staff. Although, many businesses find it most successful to do an overall discount.

We always recommend you exclude Bank Holidays and Celebration Days. These include, but are not limited to Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But then again, if these are not your busy times we can run a special offer that suits you. 

We take great pride in our membership and constantly monitor the progress of your offer to make sure you are happy with the results. We allow customers to change their offer on a monthly basis. However, as are offers are live if you need to amend your offer urgently we can make immediate changes.

We only feature like-minded, respected and honest companies to our members.




Join other local businesses and become a Mustcard independent

80% of consumers belong to some sort of loyalty program. However, with an increasing choice of cards, coupons and rewards when it comes to loyalty-program features members are now looking for one thing. Flexibility. The Mustcard offers local customers an easy, flexible and all-in-one card membership that they can use in local businesses in and around their local area. We are offering  you the opportunity to join us by starting up your own reward scheme instantly with no effort required from your side. Let us help you increase your customer footfall, cherish your customer loyalty, extend  your company’s brand awareness and it WILL have a direct impact on your bottom line.

loyalty statistics

Money makes the loyalty program go round…

  • 77% of consumers like it when companies demonstrate their appreciation (TD BANK)
  • 72% of global consumers agree that, all other factors equal, they’ll buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without (nielson)
  • 51% say product discounts are among the three most valued benefits, and discounts are most popular in Europe (nielson)
  • 80 % of consumers use mobile phones to compare prices on retail sites and social network,  and to see if stores have online coupons  (crowdtrap)
  • 96% of millennials are using a restaurant loyalty program (softtware advice)
  • 57% of customers sign up for a loyalty program so that they can save money (fivestarts)
  • 75% off companies with a loyalty program generate a positive return on investment (loyalty 360)
  • 43 of consumers are more likely to buy a product that they see on social media (nielson)


Join today and start to receive instant savings.



“A great idea for Haslemere”

“Just what i need for my small business. We don’t have time to do our own advertising campaigns”. Bryony Weiner

“Everyone wants a little discount”

“I’m looking forward to being able to try new places that offer a discount.  A little change from the usual chains.” Narinder Kaur

“A better audience for our Company ”

“We are a small business who now can have the chance to reach a similar audience as the larger corporations.” Maya Lapsley

“Everything now all in one place”

“At last – a place i can find out what is going on, and all on one website.” Sasha Stupar


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