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Welcome to The Little Gym ®!

Children have an endless supply of energy and a natural desire to conquer the world.  So how can you harness that sense of wonderment and adventure? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The Little Gym.

The Little Gym helps children build the confidence and skills needed at each stage of childhood. Each week, structured classes and our unique learning environment will create opportunities for your child to try new things and build self-confidence.

As your child grows and develops new physical skills, you will see noticeable positive differences with each new achievement. But, your child will simply see The Little Gym as a place to have fun, laugh and make new friends. And quite frankly, that’s just fine by us. Who said learning had to be so serious? Why not let them have some Serious Fun.

We take a different approach to learning:

A positive approach that reaches all the way down to the giggle bone.
The best way to encourage children to try their best is with a smile. That’s why, surprisingly, our teaching philosophy is quite different from others. We challenge children to strive for success in a positive and nurturing environment. Each new accomplishment promotes confidence and each successful experience motivates them to try for the next.

This philosophy has proven to be successful. It was a unique and unheard of concept when The Little Gym was founded in 1976. With locations in over 20 countries, millions and millions of children have experienced the positive benefits since that time. Our programs have helped them become more confident, readying them for new challenges with strong, proud smiles on their faces. We see it every day. Soon, you will too.

You’ve already taken the first step. You’ll also be joining a community of parents who value the role we play in their child’s development. Class after class, year after year, we’ll continue to demonstrate the value of our programmes with every visit.

Each time your child achieves something new, their self-confidence will soar. And each time your child experiences the joy of success, you will beam with pride. New lessons, new friends and new accomplishments.

It all adds up to Serious Fun!

T & C's

Sign up before the end of the season and get the 2 weeks free for this season and 10% off next season. This season ends 27th July 2019. Next season runs from 2nd Sept 2019 to 25th July 2020. Siblings discount of 2 weeks free and 20% discount for both seasons. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The Mustcard terms and conditions apply.


Woodside Road, Chiddingfold, GU8 4QD

01483 343 000


"My daughter has been with The Little Gym for a couple of months now and it is one of the best decisions we have made for her! Her confidence has grown so much that she now goes indoor rock climbing with her dad and makes it halfway up the wall on her own. The staff are professional and so friendly and Ella spends all week telling me the things she wants to tell "teacher Kimmy" and "teacher Angus" when she goes back at the weekend. The owner/manager Cleà is very approachable and has solved any queries we have had. I would recommend The Little Gym Godalming to anyone I know with young children!"

Lara Adams

"Fantastic place run by an incredible kind, caring and knowledgable team. My 4 year old and 2 year old have just completed their first semester and have both come on leaps and bounds in both gymnastic ability and confidence. The viewing space is fab for siblings not attending the class and for parents the coffee machine is a very welcome addition! We are all looking forward to our second semester with The Little Gym."

Emma Whiters

"The little gym has been amazing. Always a friendly welcome and a bit of a parent haven when it comes to kids activities. Both my girls really enjoy the classes. My eldest is quite shy and would normally take a lot of coaxing to join in anything, but she always looks forwards to gymnastics and it’s so lovely to see them developing physically and socially. The team are lovely and definitely make it enjoyable for everyone. I would recommend it to anyone!"

Marianna Osborne

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