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From literary bestsellers to this seasons must haves, there is no denying that the internet makes it far easier to compare the price of shopping. But some retailers claim there is now a shift towards using the high street, and buying locally is the only way we are going to save our local economy.

In recent years, a movement has began as people started to realise it really is a case of “use it or lose it”. This movement has taken consumers away from large, impersonal big-box retailers and introduced them to the people doing business in and around their homes. These are local restaurants, boutiques, farmers, tradesmen and many other providers, with items and services sold on a small scale

Clare Rayner of Retail Champion says: “Christmas sales can account for between a third and nearly two-thirds of a retailer’s annual turnover. A bad Christmas can mark disaster for a small business.”

Small and independent businesses are at the heart of our communities and it’s now more important than ever for the community to get behind them and show our support so they do not become obsolete in the near future.

According to ParcelHero’s David Jinks, between 2020 and 2030 half of the UK’s existing shop premises will have disappeared. 100,000 stores will close, leaving just 120,000 shops on our high street. And that’s because by 2030 e-commerce will account for around 40 per cent of all UK retail sales.

However, it’s not just the growth of online shopping that’s chipping away at the high street’s profits. Supermarkets open 24 hours a day and mega stores have pulled shoppers into a single space by offering more items than ever under one roof. As these superstores are often located on the outskirts of town centres, customers are lured away from traditional retail hubs.

the facts about shopping locally

  • 14% customers are dissatisfied with your customer service
  • 14% customers are persuaded to got to a competitor
  • 5855 highstreet shops were closed during

6 reasons to support your local entrepreneurs

When a consumer supports their local business owners, they can enjoy benefits that they can’t possibly get from shopping at national chains. There are hundreds of reasons why it is worth going local for some of your gifts, groceries. and services. We look at six of the best …

Great for local economy

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy and shopping at local businesses is much better for the economy of your community than using large chains or faceless superstores.  Research has shown that spending £10 with a local independent shop, means up to an additional £50 goes back in to the local economy.

Creates local jobs

When you shop at, and invest, in your local businesses you help create more jobs in the local community. Did you know that small local business is largest employer nationally and provides jobs to our local residents? In some areas local employers are actually more likely provide better wages and benefits for their worker

Better shopping experience

Shopping at the local high street is also a much more rewarding and satisfying experience for customers.  Your high street is usually only a few minutes away so a quick walk down to the shops is a lot more stress free. Local shops stock an inventory based on their own customers choices rather than national fashion trends .

Better quality of service

Local business owners will provide a much better quality of service because they are passionate and they really do care about their customer’s satisfaction. Local shop owners are much more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their customers, and put in the extra hours to complete your order.

Good for the environment

It has been found that using local business is also much more environmentally friendly. Small independent businesses source locally and use less packaging than large retailers. This reduces their global footprint as they require less transportation costs and pollution, and leads to far less waste.

Giving to local charities

Buying locally also means that you are indirectly supporting your own community because local businesses are known to be much more generous in terms of giving back to their own community. Researchers have found that charities receive on average 250% more support from small businesses than they do from large businesses.

the mustcard

How we can help save our local high street

Now locally owned businesses can unite in accepting our all-in-one membership card that can be used all over Haslemere.  Get known as being a locally owned business with The Mustcard and let us help you attract new customers and strengthen our local community.

Businesses who join The Mustcard get to compete with the big box stores and online retailers, while we use our ever increasing database to advertise their business and individual events.

Keeping our money local is best for our local economy


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